That means that Gold and Things Trading Center will loan you money on valuable items you own that will act as collateral.

To recieve a pawn you will need to be 18 or older and provide a valid state-issued photo I.D. or driver's license. 

Our pawn process is very simple and these four steps generally take less than 20 minutes or less.

1. Bring in your item to our store
2. Gold and Things Trading Center can buy the item outright or you can secure a loan against your valuables — it's your choice
3. Your pawn contracts due date is (30 days) for you to pay off your loan and pick up your item
At the end of your contract term, you may choose:
            1. To extend the loan to a new date or
            2. To not pay back the loan — in which case we will now leagally own your item

Types of items that we take for a pawn loan would be jewelry made of gold,  valuable gemstones like diamonds. Televisions, iPods, tablets, iPads , as well as laptops, tools, firearms are also great choices to use as collateral.

Pawn Loans